About the Book

There are over 78 million dogs in the United States and it is a number that is growing rapidly every year. Of those 78 million, many people get a dog that do things they did not want, or they get a dog and it will not do things that they did want. Raising the Perfect Dog lays out the foundation in how you can pick a dog that’s perfect for you! Regardless of what you are looking for in a dog, there is a dog that is perfect you and Nicholas takes readers inside the process of how to pick the perfect dog!

Based on Nicholas’ experience working with military dogs, police dogs, personal protection dogs,  and hundreds of regular household dogs, Nicholas’ gives readers all of the information they  need  in order to have a happy, friendly, stimulated, highly confident, driven, and well-trained  dog.

This book is filled with information on how to make your dog have the confidence of military and  law enforcement working dogs; regardless of their age, size, or breed! Raising the Perfect Dog  also provides readers’ solutions to many of the most common problems that dog owners  routinely face.

Some of the topics that are covered in-depth in Raising the Perfect Dog are:
• How to pick the perfect dog from the litter
• The fastest and most effective ways to housebreak your dog
• Drills that Nicholas uses on a daily basis to build confidence in dogs
• How to show your dog that your members of the family are the pack leaders
• Getting your dog on the path to performing obedience flawlessly
• Do’s and don’ts of dog training
• How to troubleshoot common problems in your dog
• Drills used by the military to combine obedience with both mental and physical stimulation
• How to build drive in your dog
• Why you do not need to waste money on clicker-training and so much more!!

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