Raising The Perfect Dog


Dog Training Book Provides Tips from Law Enforcement K9 Trainers
'Raising the Perfect Dog' allows readers to take advantage of techniques used by the world's best police dog trainers
WOODBRIDGE, VA – For the first time, dog owners will be able to use strategies and techniques used by police and military dog trainers around the world thanks to a new book, "Raising the Perfect Dog: Secrets of Law Enforcement K9 Trainers."
bookThe book, written by professional trainer Nicholas White, shows readers how military and law enforcement officers create high-confidence, friendly and well-trained animals. "Military and police dogs are known for being some of the healthiest, happiest and well-behaved dogs on the planet," White said. "Now, with the help of my new book, ordinary dog owners will have the opportunity to train their dogs using these tried-and-true techniques, trusted by police officers and military personnel around the world." "Raising the Perfect Dog" is filled with invaluable information on how to allow K9s to develop a high level of confidence, regardless of their age, size or breed. It is based on White's experience in working with military dogs, police dogs, personal protection dogs and hundreds of ordinary household pets.
The book provides a number of solutions to many of the most common problems that dog owners face on a regular basis, including housebreaking, obedience issues and more. It also covers topics such as picking the perfect dog from the litter, effective drills for better and faster training, showing your dog that the members of the family are "pack leaders," building drive within animals and other great tips. "There are countless numbers of books and training techniques out there to help train household pets, but this is the only one that uses the outstanding strategies that have been used to train the world's best law enforcement dogs," White said.

A former U.S. Marine, White has worked as a trusted K9 training and executive protection consultant for law enforcement and other government agencies. He currently owns and operates Off the Leash K9 Training, LLC, a successful business with four locations in Virginia.

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